Home is the heart of your family

October 9, 2020

Is your home protected

Is your home protected?

Your home isn’t just your castle. It’s the place memories are made and your children grow up. It’s your favorite dinner spot, social hub and the one place you can let your hair down. Your home is the center of everything happening in your life and often times the largest asset you have. Your home protects you, but do you have your home properly protected? As important as your home is, it’s just as important that your insurance protection offers coverage that keeps up with your specific needs.  A quality insurance professional is trained to build an evaluation that estimates the cost to reconstruct your home in the event of a “total loss”, meaning the home is completely destroyed. There are lots of facets to think about, and hiring the right pro to help you is just as important as the quality contractor who built it. Not only are the size, materials and features important, so are the details of how you use it. Do you have a finished basement with a decked-out theatre room? You’ll want to properly asses the “water backup” coverage you may need. Shop online or use public WIFI? You may want to consider “identity theft” and “cyber threat” coverage. Have you updated your roof recently? Did you know that could be an additional discount on your premium? Are you a weekend tech warrior with a new fancy DIY security system? That might be a discount too! Do you have some heirloom jewelry or an expensive engagement ring? Your policy likely limits the amount of theft coverage for jewelry, but some special coverage can offer added protection. Do your personal liability limits accurately reflect the protection you need for your assets, in the event you are sued? Have a business you run from home? You may have gaps in coverage that can be filled by a simple and inexpensive endorsement of coverage. Did you know that sudden mechanical breakdown of your homes heating and air conditioning system is not a standard coverage in homeowners protection, but many companies offer this optional coverage at a very reasonable cost?  The time to find out what coverage you have and more importantly, what coverage you need is before a loss happens. Our team of licensed insurance agents are here help you make sure its properly protected.

Article By: Andrea McNeilan, Gibbs Insurance Associates