A License to Shop

November 4, 2020

Shopping online can save you time, money and frustration. From the coveted two ply to that perfect birthday gift for your special someone, the options are endless! There are however a few things that should you really should consult a professional before purchasing. You’re probably not going to buy a new heating element for your water heater, or a new circuit board for your HVAC system unless you’ve had some special training and experience. The same should be considered when shopping for insurance. Insurance agents are licensed, trained professionals. They are required to complete coursework, testing, and continuing education in their field of expertise.

Insurance may seem simple, but it has lots of working parts. Having the right professional to make sure you purchase the right product is the best way to be sure you, your family, and all the things you hold dear are properly protected. Each insurance product has a wide array for of forms, endorsements and coverage options. When you purchase coverage online, without the assistance of a pro, its very easy to unknowingly leave out a coverage that you really need. Unfortunately, by the time you realize the mistake, there has usually already been a claim, and its too late to purchase the coverage you needed.

Policies can be actual cash value or replacement cost. Deductibles can vary from $0 to a percentage value that could be many thousands of dollars. Without paying close attention and understanding what deductibles apply to each part of your policy, you may have more money out of pocket than you are prepared for in the event of a claim. Policies also have exclusions and coverage limitations that aren’t always spelled out until your policy is purchased. These items are listed in your insuring agreement, issued after your policy is issued. These documents can be 30, 40, or more pages long and aren’t exactly riveting bedtime reading material. For this reason, untrained individuals rarely look past their declarations pages for coverage. As any insurance professional will tell you, those declarations pages only tell a small part of your insurance story. Part of an agent’s job is knowing the coverage, knowing your needs, and finding the right product to fit your specific needs.

As the old sayings go, “you get what you pay for” and “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. This goes for that insurance policy you found online that seemed like an amazing bargain. Most people will eventually find out that cheap insurance can be the most expensive thing you will ever buy. Our team of experienced, licensed insurance agents is happy to review the needs of yourself, your family, and your business to make sure you have the protection, and the team you deserve.

Find out how hiring the right professional is the easiest way to keep your most important things protected.